Thursday, July 1, 2010

YouTube Thursday: Chase Dat Gold

I'm not really sure why I dig this video so much. I just think it's really entertaining, and while it's incredibly nerdy, it's actually very well done. I would love to see more from these guys

"You like like a musketeer"
"You look like a gay musketeer"
"You look like my gay uncle dressed as a musketeer"
"You look like how I would imagine his uncle would look in a gay musketeer's costume"

// Chorus
// Oh, no! Here we go, with the flow (here we go).
// Chasin' gold 'cause that's the goal, or so we've been told (with the flow).
// I think we've all played that role, so I don't care what you say (chasing gold).
// 'Cause everyday we role play. Everyday we role play (ooohhhwowowohh).

// I'm not a 9 to 5'er, a daily grinder.
// I smack a wench in the mouth, just to remind her (smack her in the mouth).
// I'm not a stranger to danger. I, myself, am a Ranger.
// I got a Dark Elf and a Wizard in my crew. So, don't think we're afraid of you.

// I'm a Dark Elf, I'm my bad ass self (that ass is so bad).
// Slitting throats, killing folks, trying to be myself.
// I'm like, "Don't be mad because I'm bad." You know,
// I was born that way. It's like being gay (Uncle Larry!).

// Chorus

// Rule # 1: No hitting in the face.
// Rule # 2: If you get hit in the leg, drop to your knees and let out a shout.
// If you get hit again, then you're out.
// Rule # 3: Memorize these...(Follow these rules)

// Look at their face, see their fear.
// A puff of smoke and the wizard appears (wizard appears).
// I don't care if you stare at my wicked warez,
// my Wiccan flair, my white flowing wizard hair.

// Chorus

// Wait, is this like playing WOW?

// No, Ogre licker. I'm a real wizard kicker.
// If you snicker, it will trigger my sword to grow bigger.
// To all you WOW kids: you know what joblessness is,
// or who's job it is to gargle goblin j--- (gargle goblin j---)?
// And it's not PC in this PVE
// to diss another brothers MMORPG.
// But it aint PVP, this is you versus me,
// and I make all my weapons out of PVC.

// I'm true to this game. I got a unicorn tattoo.
// So, all you role playa haters. Is this real enough for you?
// I'm a wizard. I'm an elf. I like sparring. By yourself.
// You both suck. Rangers rule. I challenge you to a duel.

// (We're jousting on Sprees)

// Watch me hack. Watch me slash. Watch me steady, spend that cash.
// Maidens sing their siren song. Let me see that iron thong.
// Chastity belts really turn me on. Wizard staff grows hard and long.
// L to the A to the R to the P-ing. Hand to the hilt, grab the sword and swing.

// Chorus

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