Thursday, July 8, 2010

YouTube Thursday: The Flat Wrap

Today's video is another gem out of Brennon and Spyn's training series, this time about a particular shot - The Outside Wrap.

Wrap shots are the core of foam fighting. The concept behind throwing a wrap shot is to have your weapon pivot at a point in space. When thrown correctly, they give you the ability to get around blocks while putting virtually no stress on the wrist (it's all in the elbow).

Wrap shots are tough in NERO for two reasons - partial blocks and charging. Wraps are incredibly powerful in games where a touch on an attack doesn't count as a block, as well as games where you can get close and hit them in the back. Still, this can be a useful shot on sword and boarders, especially those who keep their shield out from their body.


  1. The trick in NERO is to make sure it pops without hurting people. The real key is a well made weapon that has not yet begun to break down.

  2. In NERO, it really shines against coffin shields, which better defend the legs and the shoulder, but lack the defense on the side of the arm.