Thursday, July 22, 2010

YouTube Thursday: Pierce

Alright, I'm traveling today, so I am sorry if this is a weak YouTube Thursday video (especially because it's unfinished).

This is a music video from Belegarth that I watch to get pumped up for foam fighting (and is the reason Phenomenon is on my Pump Up List). If this video was finished, I would give it the honor of number 1 display of foam fighting without us looking like a bunch of flurbs. Even unfinished, it might still be the best foam fighting video.

Check out the totally dominant shield bash at 0:46. But don't get over-excited, because you can't do stuff like that at NERO or Amtgard. Still, it's pretty awesome, and makes me want to try Bel (even though my small stature would put me on the receiving end of that).

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