LARP Links

With a sidebar extending far beyond where I wanted it to be, I've decided to move the links to individual LARP games to this page. If you've got a game you'd like to add to this list, shoot an email to

Franchise LARPs

NERO International
Nero International is a high fantasy game that has chapters across the country running in the same world.  So your character from the Northeast can be run at a chapter in the Southwest without any conversion necessary.

Local Chapters
ARGO (Allegheny Regional Gaming Organization)
NERO Cincinnati
NERO Elkins
NERO Indiana
NERO SWV (South West Virginia)
Northcoast NERO
PRO (Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization)
WAR (We Are Roleplayers)

Formerly NERO Alliance, this game fits much of the same niche as NERO International. This is a fantasy based LARP with like advancement mechanics and chapter transferability, with a different rule set.

Local Chapters
Alliance South Michigan

Dagorhir is a full-contact, combat heavy boffer game played across the nation. Anyone is free to create their own group, as long as they abide by certain rules.

Local Chapters
Einherjar (Cleveland)
Galladorn (Cincinnati)
Rivendell (Columbus)

Independent LARPs

Bloodlines is a grittier fantasy based LARP game run out of Kentucky.

Exiles is a gritty, western-themed LARP with major steampunk and victorian horror elements, run out of Ohio. The unique mechanic for this game is the use of rubber band guns to represent inaccurate and unreliable firearms, making boffer melee a viable option. Runs camps out of Dayton and St. Clairsville, OH.

Fatal Alliances of the Tenth Era is an independent LARP running out of the Calcutta, Ohio area.

Triupmh is a high fantasy based LARP game run out of Dayton, OH.

Vandlar is a fantasy based LARP run out of Southeast Ohio. This game was created by the previous owners of Alliance Ohio.

Wastelands is a futuristic, cyberpunk type LARP run out of Dayton, OH. The major mechanic in this game is the use of Airsoft guns as well as boffer weapons.