Monday, July 26, 2010

This Week In LARP - July 26th

Here are the best ways to round out your July with a little LARP action.


Once again, we have a weekend with no NERO events. You could try traveling a little bit further for some excitement, but that's outside of my zone of information. If there's a NERO event this weekend a bit further out, feel free to drop the info in the comments.

But there is an alternative!


Exiles, a Western/Steampunk/Horror game, will be having a 2 day event this weekend, starting Friday July 30th and going until Sunday, August 1st. The event will be held at Sycamore State Park at the IG location "Silver Springs". It costs $40 to PC ($35 for new players), and this includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, with snacks throughout the weekend. I am not sure of the cost to NPC.

If you've got a game running this week and we didn't mention you, either drop a comment here or shoot an email to, and we'll add you as soon as possible!

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