Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Homework: LARP Resources

We live in the age of the Internets, where anyone can find out what Sesquipedalophobia is (go ahead, I know you're doing it right now.) Even so, I have found it incredibly hard to find any quality, solid resources for LARP.

I think the biggest reason for this is that there isn't a large enough vocal following for the few sites that have tried it, and so people burn out and stop.

So here's the homework for today - I want you to go out and find a resource on the internet for LARPing of any kind. It could be a list of LARPs, information on how to run a LARP, or even better, a blog about LARP. And once you've found it, I want you to drop a comment telling them that their ideas are good, that you appreciate the work that they're doing, or even that you think they're totally hot. All comments are good comments.

The content doesn't matter as much as the fact that they will know someone is out there reading their stuff. Please don't use my stuff at for this assignment.

I mean, you can totally go there and comment on my articles, but it won't count towards this homework.

Resources you find will be added to this post, and we'll put them up in their own Links section. I'll get the ball rolling with this gem that Tim showed me last year.

Nerology - "But Is It Fun?"

Drop links to the resource, preferably where you put your comment. You only get credit if you actually leave some feedback. Go make someone's day.


  1. I have a whole bunch of these from a collection of links that started in 2001. Here is the from the old larp list pre alliance international split. There is some awesome stuff on here if you sift through the posturing.

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog by searching for Larp and blogs, by coincidence. So here's that comment you demanded!

    I'm in the UK where I play the Lorien Trust system. I plan on writing about it at length in the future although my (new) blog isn't intended to make that its sole focus. Thought I'd say hi, anyhow.

  3. Tim,

    It is interesting to see what was controversial that far back. It also gives us some insight into old rules that may not have been clarified in 8th edition.


    Glad to hear from you! If you're blog has go basic info on LARPs, I'd be interested in reading it. What's the link?

  4. awww, you linked to my blag! Thanks! Well for the record, I think you're doing a kickass job here too.