Thursday, July 29, 2010

YouTube Thursday: Jugger

Back in 1989, a movie called The Salute of the Jugger was released in the US under the name The Blood of Heroes. While it wasn't that good, it is now a cult classic, if for no other reason than "The Game," which is played in the movie.

For a long time, Amtgard players have been playing "The Game." However, they call it Jugger or Jugging. It's very easy to incorporate into any LARP game since, well, the weapons used in the game are essentially LARP weapons. But leave it up to the Germans (and the Australians as well) to take it to the next level. Here's a video of a match from the German Jugger League.

Brief Rules Rundown:
- Each team has 5 players: 1 Qwik, 1 Chain, 3 Enforcers.
- Only the unarmed Qwiks can score or pick up the skull. They can also tackle the other Qwik.
- If you're struck with a weapon you are down for 5 stone (5 drumbeats).
- 100 Drumbeats in a round, 3 rounds in a game.
- Enforcers can pin players to prevent them from getting up, once the pin is let go, that player cannot be pinned again until after he gets back up.

I totally want to play this game. And you know what? I might have a chance here soon enough.

The USJL is currently being formed. More information, including the rulebook, can be found here.

But seriously, who around Ohio wants to play some Jugger? Maybe we can get some teams made up for this league, or at the very least we could have a tournament.


  1. Not only would I totally play that, but I always KNEW that staffs were awesomesauce.

  2. I feel like this would make a great addition to a tournament day.

  3. after watching the video all I can say is

    sweet merciful Zeus I want to play Jugger