Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Skills and Protectives: A PSA

The following is a public service announcement, based on my experiences from running NERO Events for about 6 years.

All NERO plot teams work very hard to try an ensure that all of the players have an exciting time at events. While you may not notice it, one of their main jobs is to manage the resources of the town. These are the resources that they use to scale the battles for the entire weekend.

While it's accepted that players will forget which protectives or skills they have used from time to time, overcasting/over-using skills and calling protectives that are not currently up make this job very difficult for the plot teams, who are donating their time for you.

If plot teams don't account for players calling extra protectives, modules will not pose much of a challenge and might be considered boring or dull. On the other hand, plot teams that scale for this margin of error might end up being overscaled for players who are dilligent about tracking their skills and protectives.

This is not directed at any specific players. Even veterans who have been playing for over 10 years can have a hard time keeping up with all the skills and protectives they have. We should all strive to become better and keeping track of our abilites.

By putting in a little extra effort in this area, we can all help our plot teams, who graciously volunteer their time and/or money, provide us with challenging encounters and well written storylines for years to come.

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