Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Both of your Dresses are Pretty

Alright, here's the deal. We've got a pretty serious debate of facts from two sides, and I'm not really sure which facts are real. Doesn't matter anymore.

What I can tell you is that both Noah and Mike are both very passionate people who honestly want the game to be better. Their means for doing it may be different, but I feel like both have done quite a good job.

Mike has been amping up the quality of presentation for the game with extreme costumes and special effects.

Noah has been contributing to the game for over a decade, working with the rule set as well as helping with national events.

Just remember before you go at each other again, that you're fighting for the same thing, and you're ultimately on the same team.


  1. Mine is prettier

  2. Having been to NCN, I believe that's probably true. But Noah plays a barbarian, so his dress is covered in dirt anyways.

  3. Hehe, Mike is definitely the belle of the ball. (His costumes are way too awesome for anyone else to be considered prettier!) I'm the homely chick with the heart of gold, that gets a makeover as a prank/bet by the popular football players. ;)

  4. I think you guys should do a podcast like "Pardon the Interruption." I think it would be quite entertaining.