Monday, August 23, 2010

Webstats, Contest, Attention Whoring, Oh My!

So I've got this counter on the bottom of the page that is run by, which gives me some good feedback about the health of the blog. It gives me information such as how many page loads I get, how many unique visitors, how many returning visitors, search engine keywords... blah, blah, blah.

But what is most interesting is search engine hits I get. Most of the recent ones were searching for larp ohio blog, but one in particular from the UK caught my fancy.

"Avatar Live Role Play Equipment"

If you're looking for L.A.R.P. Equipment, I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help. We'll endeavor to get some in the future. But maybe Mr. Costume can help!

Anyways, I appreciate all the vistors we're getting and all the great feedback we're seeing through the comments. In fact, if this keeps up, I think we might have to have a give-away.

Let's make a deal. If we've got 4000 unique page views by our 100th post, we'll do a contest and give some gear away.

Not sure what the contest will be yet nor what the prizes will be, but it's going to be awesome. So tell your friends and start linking this blog on forums - especially you Alliance players!

Edit: For the record, unique page views are tracked via the counter at the bottom of the page. So that needs to read at least 4000 before the 100th post is up. I expect it to be about a month and a half, but it might be less, since we've got Russ contributing now.

Edit 2: I just realized that we're now on the first page if you search for LARP Blog. Good job!

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