Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Zombies for Charity

Michael Conley, owner of NorthCoast NERO, has thrown down the gauntlet. A while back, he came up with a very basic ruleset for a modern day zombie apocalypse LARP, and he's looking to run the game again. In fact, he wants to run the game and donate proceeds to a combination of The Humane Society, The Food Bank, and The Red Cross Blood Drive.

Problem is, a zombie game without zombies is no fun. He needs zombies. In fact, he needs to know he has 50 zombies before the end of August, or he's not even going to run the game. And this is where you come in.

The rules for this game are incredibly simple.

- Melee Weapons do 1 point of damage
- Guns do 10 points of damage
- Each PC chooses a class - Soldier, Survivor, Doctor, or Opportunist
- Each class has a number of hit points, a number of lives (renewable), and 2-3 easy to use skills
- Zombies just keep popping as directed with plot, and they have only a few skills to worry about.

That's it. So what does that mean?

This game is a Transistion LARP.

So have you got a friend who's been telling you that he'd come LARP with you, but seems overwhelmed by the rules?
Here's their chance.

Maybe they're just not sure they want to take the plunge with something fantasy, but a gritty survival horror might be more of their style?
This game has (nerf) guns.

Maybe the fact that it's for a good cause would make them more likely to try it?
Tell them that they hate puppies if they don't play.

Do they always talk about how they'd survive the zombie apocalypse.
Tell them to put their money where their mouth is.

So, we're calling all cars on this one. Get everyone you can manage - your family, your friends, and possibly your co-workers - to come and either PC or be a zombie. Mike says that norms can play good zombies, but I've got a better idea. Let's all let the norms play the game as survivors, and let's be zombies for them and show them how much fun it can be to LARP.

Here is the full rule set.
Here is the thread where you should preregister.

If you're not familiar with the NCN boards, you must register with your real name, first and last, and it takes a little time for the moderator to approve your account. Hell, if you're too lazy to sign up and still want to LARP, drop something in the comments or shoot me an email at larp.plot.tips@gmail.com, and I'll preregister you.

Make me proud, bring some new players, and I will come and be a zombie with you.


  1. I missed the zombie game last time they ran it. I definitely want to check out this one if they run it. Sounds like a blast.