Thursday, August 26, 2010

YouTube Thursday: Building the Game Layer

So I added this google followers app just to make it easy for me to get feedback on readers. But it also has the added benefit of showing me what other blogs my readers read, or in this case write.

The Ruthless Diastema Games Blog follows a teacher and his desire to implement gaming into education. He's got a lot of great stuff that is very LARPy, although obviously it can't have a lot of boffer in it (since it's for the classroom). He also digs into some of the theory behind game design, and I absolutely eat that up. If you're a gamer interested in theory, you should check it out. Even more so, if you're a teacher.

Today's video is one he featured on the blog in regards to how gaming and real life intersect. Seth Priebatsch gives a lecture at the Annual TED Conference about how the previous decade added a social layer on the world and this next decade is about building a Game Layer onto the world.

It touches on seven game dynamics (he only covers four) that are powerful for manipulating players (for good or evil). This is a great reminder of what techniques can be used to make games fun. Now, if you're in marketing, then this could mean even more.

Edit: As a note, the video itself is only 12:20. There's a big commercial afterward that you should feel free to skip.


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