Thursday, August 12, 2010

YouTube Thursday: Rising Instructions

I mentioned Rising back when I did my recap of Origins. While the game itself wasn't a terrible rule system, I was not particularly impressed with what they did. They charged a crazy amount to play (almost 4-5 times more than other LARPs), and the production quality was very low. In addition, the creators were (ex?) NERO players, and gave us a bunch of grief since we were from NERO. I was actually scoffed at when I asked if there was supposed to be an ammo tag in the ammo box, despite the rules I was given telling me that *GASP* there would be a tag in the box.

Anyways, I do give them props for creating an instructional video for their game. Despite the fact that this game is very simple, I feel an instructional video like this could be used for practically any LARP game. Might be a project worth trying.


  1. I played Rising at GenCon. I also played NERO (run by NERO Chicago), Terrorwerks (space marine/airsoft weapons game) and True Dungeon.

    Rising Lash was definitely on the low end of production value but a little higher than NERO. They also charged $4-$5 more if I recall correctly. NERO had a lot more NPCs (10 I think) active on the field than Rising (4 NPCs, one of which paid for the privledge).

    Prop wise, Rising had a slight edge. Their puzzles/challenges were more detailed than NERO. NERO had real armor and costumes comparable to what you'd see at most NERO weekends. Both had good scene descriptions and NPC role playing.

    Overall I enjoyed both quite a bit. NERO was slow on the first day of the show but by the last day most of the slots were full. There were a set of people who, once they discovered NERO, ran through the game many, many times.

    Terrorwerks had very good props and scenery and True Dungeon is a fully repped dungeon. Both are more expensive than NERO/Rising Lash.

  2. They might have done it differently at GenCon, because I believe it was a different group of people running it (I might be wrong).

    But at Origins, Rising was $18 (twice as much if you played the VIP game) and Terrorwerks was $22. The NERO Dungeon was significantly less. And Terrorwerks was essentially on a completely different level than Rising, when I had done it in years past.