Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome to LARP Ohio

My name is Bill, and I'm a long-time LARPer. I started back when I was 16, over ten years ago, and I'm still playing today. In that time, I've been a player, staff member, plot member, part owner, and rules marshal for "We Are Roleplayers," one of the local NERO International chapters. I've also been playing "Exiles" for about 5 years now, in which I've been a player, plot member, and I've done some minor rules consulting.

Aside from that, I've done a few one shot LARPs at gaming conventions, and I've been waiting to sink my teeth into some more physical games, like Amtgard, Belegarth, or Dagorhir. I've also done some work for the gaming site, writing articles with tips for creating your own LARP group, or simply some tips for running a better game.

Since there appears to be a serious lack of LARP content on the internet, I've decided to compile a news like feed for all the local LARP games in this area. My goal is to create a cross game community within Ohio (and the surrounding states), because as I once checked, there are about 70 organized groups within 4 hours of Colombus, making Ohio the LARPing Mecca.

So, if you're running a game in Ohio or any bordering state and you'd like to advertise, send me an email at

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