Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homework: Fortress

Your homework, should you choose to accept it, is to make a module based around this wonderful water fortress, which is available at Sam's Club for about $600).

Kids Today are Completely Spoiled
Kids Today are Completely Spoiled

The please limit the responses to 200 words or less in the comments. Other than that, there are no rules or limitations.


  1. 1. Encase entire apparatus in black canvas tent.
    2. light with creepy green leds
    3. Explain that only entrance is through small opening.
    4. Put object of desire on top of slides
    5. Roll foam rocks down slide to kill people
    6. Put monsters in blue pool area
    7. profit.

  2. At the heart of an inactive volcano is a small tear in the plane. In this place, elementals can rift in easier. As such, this tear makes for a tempting target for elementals from one of the planes to hold as a beachhead.

    1) Talk to player(s) with a characters with an elemental transform whose Sponsor may have an interest in this tear. Have their sponsor(s) summon them.

    2) Group investigates tear because of volcano becoming active or looking for missing characters.

    3) The 'fortress' is a gate to the tear. Use CoP phyreps of the appropriate color give the fortress the feel of the 'claiming' element. Elementals will try to hold first the arch then the three choke points up to the 'tear'. Have summoned players play elementals whose appearance and abilities are based on the character with the transform (But scaled to be beatable). Plot may decide if this elemental is the character briefly transformed or an elemental based on them. Regardless, the character's gear shouldn't be on the elemental.

    4) Once the group defeats the elementals and frees the tear, inactive CoP reps for all four colors light up showing that the tear is back in balance.

  3. Nice ideas from both of you.

    If I were to run it, I would probably find out how much time it takes to inflate, and have the PCs defend it while essence is being pooled to build some sort of stronghold. You can have NPCs that fight the PCs as well as ones that try to expel the air.