Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mid-Event Recharge

Last week I talked about keeping it clean at events. One benefit I mentioned was that it helps refresh you, and that's the topic for today! LARPing gets tiring, especially if your game runs Friday night through to Sunday. Not just being caked in mud and sweat, but also the lack of sleep and the (probably) unusual amounts of activity and excitement. Especially if you're NPCing. And if you're Staff, your brain is probably on overload trying to handle running the event and dealing with the unexpected. So take some time out to recharge.

If you arrange an hour or so out of your afternoon, it can make a world of difference. It's not just physically resting, but letting your brain take a break as well. Get your thoughts in order, figure out what you want to tackle next, and set up for the rest of the game. This is important in any length of game, but for a 1-day or Saturday-Sunday game there isn't as much time, and theoretically you won't be as tired.

I speak a lot to our NPC/Staff people out there, but this can help a PC too. You can enjoy the game more if you're feeling rested and up for the action, and you can make sure and fit in all those things you want to do if you do a little organization.

What to do? A power nap always works wonders. Even just shutting your eyes and resting for an hour can help. This is a perfect time to take a shower and change your garb. If you can't do these things, just change your socks and sit with your boots off. Get a snack or drink if appropriate (something healthy works best to recharge your body).

Go someplace quiet and environmentally comfortable - rainy, hot, or snowy weather wears on you as well. Just a break from the elements in someplace dry/cool/warm will remind your body you still love it.

I know some folks use energy drinks at opportune moments. I am still testing it, but I think that an hour's rest is better. Or maybe both? Or all of the above?

For me, when I'm PCing I like to sneak in a book and read for a little while. Reading always makes me feel recharged, if it's the right book! And it can even make you feel more immersed if what you're reading is appropriate to the setting. Depressing epic fantasy, while thematic, may not work here since you have to dedicate a lot of mental power to it :)

How to find the time? Well, if you just went on a mod and you know you won't be leaving for another soon, seize the moment! Chances are you'll have an hour at least before everyone gets it together for the next run. Anytime is a good time if you feel yourself dragging or getting cranky - taking a time out will help you enjoy the event more later, not to mention being able to move better and remember all your calls!

As Staff, arrange a rotation with your team where everyone can take a break. Don't just go off without telling anyone, and make sure things are covered. Try to hook role-play sessions or smaller mods during this time so that you don't need everyone. Make sure and enforce it if you see someone getting worn out or grumpy - and let go for long enough to rest up. NPCs will be more energized, more focused, and more likely to last through the Big Battle.

Try it and see! Or maybe you already do - what do you do for your LARP reacharge?

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  1. If there's a diner nearby, my group usually likes to leave site for breakfast Saturday morning. The difference between a great breakfast and a mediocre breakfast is pretty huge, and camp food usually tends towards the latter. I find that getting back to the "real world" for an hour or two works wonders.