Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conquest of Appalachia

I'm super excited and can't contain myself.

You may have noticed a lot of posts recently about immersion, tents, etc.  Well, as usual, I write about the things that I'm working on.  And finally I can announce the thing I've been working on.

Conquest of Appalachia.  

We're bringing Conquest of Mythodea to the US and we'll hopefully break through the stigma that comes with playing LARP.

For those of you who are not familiar, this is a "Fest LARP" which means it's treated a lot like a long running concert/renaissance faire.  Except, everyone is in costume.  We'll have vendors, inns where you can get drunk, comedians, and vomitoriums, all fully immersive and participation for all.

And all you need to bring is a costume, your wallet, and an open mind.

I don't want to get into too many details, but here are some of the things we've improved upon from the Conquest system.

Combat Everywhere
To improve upon the feel of the game, doctors are suggested to carry flasks and give shots to players that are injured as a form of anestetic.  In order to keep the immersion factor up, the alcohol should be real and should be terrible (ideally grain alcohol).  This also acts to balance the game, as weaker players can team up on a powerful person to force them to take shots and reduce their battle effectiveness.

Because of this, we figured there's no reason to limit combat to non-drinking areas.  Players can be attacked at the inn, in their sleep, or when they're on the toilet.

Furry Friendly
In order to bring as many people into the hobby as possible, we're making the game 100% furry friendly.  In order to encourage interactions between our Furry friends and the rest of the roleplayers, we've implemented an interactive and revolutionary system for mounted combat.  Bronies unite!

River Styx
We've also designed the death system so that it would be fully immersive.  Characters who die must go to the area that represents the River Styx and deal with Charon the boatman.  Hopefully you brought your two silver, or else Charon might make you do your best rendition of Renegade to get across.

Players are encouraged to get sponsorship from one of the many companies that will be vendors at the game, such as Wizards of the Coast, Edhellen Armory, and Walmart.  However, to keep in the spirit of immersion, characters who are sponsored by companies must come from the place that bears their name.  So characters may actually be Wizards from the coast or hail from Edhellen or the Mart of Wall.

This is going to be seriously wicked.   The Conquest of Appalachia will be held exactly 1 year from today.  Get pumped and mark your calendar!


  1. Cool! What's the theme/setting? Is it Appalachia like... dueling banjos Appalachia?

  2. There's definitely going to be a hillbilly camp where people are free to drink booze from bottles with "XXX" on them and play banjo.

    I'm still working on the mechanics of a banjo duel. So much to do!

  3. Woot! I'll start knitting the sock monkey hordes.

  4. 0.o drunkeness, roleplaying, and furries? This could get ug-lee.

  5. I especially liked the part of being attacked in the toilet.

  6. I'm in! I'll be camping the bathrooms, rolling n00bs for their toilet paper. I want to dual class moonshiner / skeet shooter and spend two feats on Wear Shoes.

    1. Brainstorm idea: I've always wanted to run a LARP where after you park your car, we boot the sucker. And the weekend is spent trying to convince us to let you stop playing. I had considered running this as a Battle Royale style game, but a sweatshop LARP would be good for recouping costs.

    2. While I think a sweatshop would be an interesting concept, I just don't trust Americans to put in the minimum effort required to provide any kind of quality (even matching other sweatshops).

      I think the best strategy is to make a Hunger Games larp, and then have it be more true to the actual Hunger Games, and televise it and post it to YouTube for adsense revenue.

    3. There should be a LARP where you play a LARP owner. Your character class is what kind of LARP you run. That would be a great premise for a battle royale game.

  7. "Players can be attacked at the inn, in their sleep, or when they're on the toilet."

    Not sure I like the idea of on the toilet, mainly because I think that it would create a decrease in basic hygiene (and would you wash your hands if it meant singing renegade to the boatman?). I suppose that would be part of the immersion, but con-stench is bad enough.

  8. Is a furry costume considered extra armor? What if you are a turtle, is that extra extra armor? That sounds like the most 1337 thing to be if so.

    Legit! :)

  9. You suck. This would be amazing if it were real.

  10. LOL "Mounted Combat" I lost my shit when I read that...