Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stepping It Up With Sound Effects

With Exiles coming up, I'm reminded of one of the things that really helps build the atmosphere in that game.

Sound effects and background noise.

You see, we do a lot of steampunk stuff and a lot of vehicle modules (train, riverboat, stagecoach), and it's often very hard to represent that stuff on a shoestring budget. Our buddy Ryan is fully capable of building amazing props using just camp foam, yarn, and duct tape (don't ask me how he does it), but that stuff only gets so far.

But with the addition of sound effects, you make it that much easier for the players to imagine that they're in a factory, or on a boat, or in the middle of a battlefield with explosions going off.

So if you have the capability to do so, I highly suggest the use of Sound effects or background noise to make you modules more immersive.

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