Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Inside Man

I'm surprised I've never talked specifically about this topic, but the last event I was at gave me an idea. I'm going to get a sweet looking book, cut out the insides, and make a mount for my phone. Why?

Because I want to be able to give plot a heads up whenever people are doing things without having to go to monster camp.

I've always given praise to the games that utilize smartphones, but normally those games have a reason to allow the use of them IG. But what about using them in an OOG capacity to reduce logistics?

Now, when I say inside man, I don't mean playing an NPC that's interacting with the PCs. This is strictly a PC who keeps a way to contact plot on his person at any given time. They should only use this whenever they're out of sight of other players or in some other capacity, or go out of their way to make it look IG so texting doesn't break the immersion of others.

What do you think of this plan?


  1. Love it. It seems like you'd want to make a list to hit all plot people at once, as I don't think I'd want to carry my phone with me as an NPC.

  2. Yeah, I like this Idea. I am going to make a book that has a sweet phone mount in it so I don't break immersion haha. but I do like this Idea a lot. may do it at lumberton.


  3. I know at our events most members of plot have discrete 2-way radios for just that sort of communication. Kind of Secret Service-y, a mic up the sleeve and a small, removeable earpiece.

  4. I definitely think plot should have that, but even plot might know what's going on until it happens.

    Giving a PC a magic ball that he can use to portent would keep plot in the know.

    Btw, any idea on the cost of the in-the-ear radio setup?