Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Osiris Sanction

On a previous post, I lamented the fact that there was no game in which players played themselves. However, on that same post I was introduced to the game Osiris Sanction. And I've got to admit, I'm pretty impressed.

Normally, I give posts regarding technique or theory, but this one goes out to the actual players in Ohio.

Would you be interested in playing Osiris Sanction?

In Osiris Sanction, the players are essentially spies working to bring down a super-powerful secret group (think Illuminati). In doing so, they engage in three types of missions: Alpha, Beta, and Theta.

Alpha missions are very "cloak" (as in "Cloak and Dagger" WITHOUT the dagger). This is where people discern clues that indicate information can be found in a real world location or by talking to real people. You will most likely have to do research to interpret clues. All this happens in the real world, without any weapons at all.

Beta missions basically include any online communication or gameplay that exists in online spaces. The most common example for Osiris Sanction is Second Life, but it could take place in any online space (usually using something that's free to play).

Theta missions exist in a VR mainframe that is advanced enough that it seems almost lifelike. The gameplay consists of advanced laser tag type combat (with hitpoints and options for weapons), but also includes hacking and disarming of bombs, each which use skills that are close to the real world counterparts.

Usually a full adventure starts with Alpha/Beta communication, and upon success of interpreting those clues, you discover what the theta mission will be.

I am thinking of getting a Cleveland cell together (with the possibility of running some stuff in Columbus), but I wanted to get an idea of how many people would actually play. There would be a cost to participate, as securing the gear and locations for theta missions is a little pricey, but it probably wouldn't stray far from the cost of LARP events around here now.

For more information, visit the Osiris Sanction Website. I would suggest reading through the rulebook (although reading through the meat of the Theta isn't super important right now), and then reading through "A Coyote Story."

Who's interested?


  1. Holy crap. Yes, I would absolutely play this game.

  2. I would be interested in trying this out on a free weekend sometime. But for me it would depend on how it's run, cost, date, and location. Your best bet might be to put together a "test" date and get some people who are okay with splitting the logistics costs so you know you're covered.

  3. My only concer with this is that it looks like they are using proprietary equipment when performing "Theta" runs. Proprietary Equipment = $$$$ :(

  4. While it might be proprietary equipment, Theta runs are usually only 5-6 people and a few NPCs. That could be paid for pretty fast over time (or even faster with more players).

  5. I'd love to but any theta stuff on my end would probably be limited due to spawn and space. The puzzle portion of this game really caught my interest though.

  6. From my understanding, the theta stuff is, for the most part, owned by the cell and not by the players. It's intended to be a show up and LARP game, without a need for gear/kit.

  7. Looks to me like they might be using milestag equipment. I had contacted a guy (maybe THE guy)in Dayton(?) that makes that stuff for a milsim airsoft event years ago to represent shoulder fired missiles and he was very open and cool about it. We ended up not using it because we didnt have time but the potential for that tech is very cool and the range is awesome compared to anything else at the price that isnt an actual firearm. - Mortimer www.lasertagparts.com/mtdesign.htm