Friday, August 5, 2011

YouTube Friday: Hit Hard, Take Light

I always like it when I stumble upon a decent foam fighting video. I find that a lot of them either play everything in slow motion, play crappy music, or show a lot of down time.

This Dag video does none of the above.

This is the kind of video that someone might watch and think might be a lot of fun. I would be proud to show this video to someone who doesn't know what a LARP is.



  1. Sometimes you have to admit Dagorhir rules are far more badassed then most larps, but minimal roleplay though

  2. I can't say I particularly like the "let's fight on our knees" aspect of it. It somehow kills the mood for me. Much the same way screaming numbers over and over kills the mood in the Neroes.

  3. Yeah I think if you get your legs chopped to the point you cant stand, you aren't fighting.
    And that dude in the orange and black was NOT taking hits through the whole video.