Friday, August 12, 2011

YouTube Friday: 300

300 posts, that is!

I love milestones like this. I get to take the easy way out and thank all our readers instead of giving you some real information.

Maybe we'll do another contest. On the cusp of some delicious discussion about game design (some between our friends, some on a recording of LARPcast soon to be posted, and some on various forums), I though I'd pose a challenge for our readers.

Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a LARP rules set for Frank Miller's 300. Here are the guidelines.

- Must be Focused Around Frank Miller's 300.
I'm terrible at history (Jenn covers that pretty well). I only care about stabbing dudes with spears. Historical accuracy be damned.

- Must be Boffer Combat.
I know it goes without saying, but I really don't see Gerard Butler running around rock-paper-scissoring immortals.

- Rule Set Can be No Longer than 10 Pages.
I know you want to make it as complex and intricate as possible, but let's not put more thought into the ruleset than was put into the actual plotline of the movie. This is an action game. Beat ass.

- Make It Look Nice.
If you send me a 10 page wall of text, you won't win. I suggest you make the formatting look nice and include pictures if possible*. If you don't have pictures of your friends in Spartan gear, just draw some shit is MS paint. Mad points for MS paint.

- Deadline: Sept. 12th.
You've got 1 month to put your stuff together. Anything that hasn't been submitted to us by then won't have a chance to win (but we'd gladly look at your work anyways and hit each other by the rules you have dictated!)

To submit your entry to this contest, send an email to with the subject "This is Sparta" including the following:
- Your Name
- What LARPs you currently play
- Your favorite moment in the movie 300
- The rule set (preferred delivery is in Google Docs, but .doc or .txt
- A paragraph, no longer than 100 words, on what makes your ruleset the best and/or what makes it unique.

The winner will get:
- Their ruleset publicly posted on Google Docs and be forever shared throughout the land**.
- Our buddies will play at least one session of a game using your rules, and write a bitchin' review on it.
- Mad bragging rights.
- Maybe some giveaways if we can get some free stuff (this was spur of the moment)


Finally, for those of you here to see a video, don't worry. Since I couldn't find any good Sparta LARPs, I had two possible choices that fit the 300 theme. The first one was the scene from 300 where he kicks the Persian in the chest. The other option was a campy "This is Sparta remix." Guess which one I chose!

Now that I've offended all our readers with this video, I won't have to worry about what to do at 500 posts.

*Any copyrighted pictures included in rulesets will be removed and won't add value in regards to the contest. You won't be disqualified, but original pictures will get you further.

**You give us the limited right to post the ruleset online and to play the game personally. We will not profit from your work, and should you choose to try and sell it, you will retain full rights (but please send us a copy of your rules!).

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