Thursday, August 18, 2011

Traps in LARP

Most games utilize traps in some form or another, but it's often a difficult task to perform. Usually, the set up for a trap is too time consuming or complex to be worthwhile. Additionally, a lot of games make it difficult for the player to utilize traps (they just encounter them, instead).

I'm in the process of making a very simple trigger for a trap, and I'm hoping that it makes it easier to set up, so we can use traps more often.

So, as a question, how does your game handle traps?

- Are they a rare occurrence or are they frequently used?

- Do PCs get to use them often, or are they just another encounter that the players have to beat?

- Do you use realistic traps with realistic ways of disarming it, or do you have simulated triggers with puzzles the players have to solve?

I'm just interested in seeing how traps work in various games. Drop your opinions in the comments!

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  1. You know how NERO works...

    Accelerant has a very simple system. It's something like - if you hear a snap, (like those little things kids throw on pavement on the 4th of july) it's 5 damage. If you hear an electronic buzz, it's 10 damage. No marshal needed!

    there is also no way for PCs to set traps in that game