Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NERO 9th Edition: Production Changes

Today, in the last segment of reviewing the NERO 9th Edition rules, we're going to talk about the various changes to production skills.

General Production - Production no longer uses production points, but instead uses production levels. It doesn't really affect the amount of production someone can make. Production is also for the most part free. Every day, you get one production level per level in the skill, you can get one production level per level of the skill if you use a workshop, and you can get an additional production level per level of the skill for one silver per level. Finally, if you're a master (at least 10 levels), you get an additional production level per level of the skill. Confusing, but in essence you can get up to 4 times the level of the skill in production levels per day.

Laughing Posion - Removed from the game.
Love and Love 9 - Removed from the game.
Forget-Me-Not, Forget-It-Well - No longer uses a phrase, as the target simply forgets the set amount of time. Can receive a purify blood in 10 minutes to remember. If you dissipate before the 10 minutes is up, the Forget effect fails and the character remembers everything.
Death Elixir - Now causes instant death.
Instant Death Elixir - Removed from the game.
Slow Poison - Removed from the game
Dominate - Changed to Charm.
Vorpal Coatings - All vorpal coatings add 5 to the damage of a weapon swing. Are not used until they connect or are negated with a defense. Vorpal 1 lasts for 1 strike, Vorpal 3 lasts for 3 strikes, and Vorpal 5 lasts for 5 strikes.
Durations - Durations changed to match spell durations (Liquid Light is 5 days, most effects are 5 minutes).

Create Scroll, Create Potions - No significant changes.

Silvering - Increased to 4 production levels
Strengthening - Changed to 4 production levels (was more in 8th ed, less in playtest).
Sharpening - +3 Sharpening is now 18 levels to better represent the pyramid fashion of additional damage.
Mighty Slayer and Deceitful Blade - Removed from the game.
Weapons - Increased production for levels.
  • Small weapons are 1 production level.
  • One-handed weapons, shields, and arrows are 2 production levels.
  • Staff is 3 production levels.
  • Two-handed weapons are 4 productions levels.

Anything I missed? Throw it in the comments!


  1. Not a huge change, but Paralysis poison is now Paralyze and the whole Paralyze/Paralysis distinction is gone.

  2. Traps... 216 cubic inches no matter the size of the trap, Now this might make some things quite difficult and carrying around traps much harder.

    Just dont see many people using traps or carrying them around to use on mods or anything... I kinda don't know what to think about this change.

  3. Correction, I fail at math. Guess that's only 6 in cubed, so I see this as an improvement now and maybe trap use will increase.

    Though, do you have to be able to use the gas to set the trap now, semantics confuse me sometimes and I just want to be clear.

  4. I remain sad, btw, that fork scroll and divide potion got taken out from the final version. As did a whole other Forking mechanic for Celestials and a healing enhancement for Earth, but those weren't Production based like Scroll/Potion were.

    I really hope NERO continues to move away from needing tags for mundane equipment. We took a step by removnig spell and alchemy books and with weapons being so easy to make. With luck the trend will continue to the point where the people in charge realize they might as well save some trees and stop tagging normal short swords.

  5. It's ok Mickey,
    I remain sad that laugh gas got removed and forget potions got the phrase removed.

    And I for one would hate to see Nero go to not needing tags for mundane equipment because then shatters and destroys would be pretty pointless at that point.

  6. Well, in some other games I play, when an item is hit with a destroy you bring it to a set piece forge and a smith can fix it for you. No tags involved and destroys are very fearsome in that game.

  7. I very much like the production changes overall. I agree with Mickey that we need to take things a step farther than we have. I think some of the WAR Local Enhancements (check them out at would play well in the national game, some others not so much...*shrug*

    I think the concept of not tagging base items is fantastic and will certainly brainstorm some ideas of how this would work in practice...very cool!

  8. Slight change of wording to the forget section. As far as I know phrases were never required. Now they are not even optional. I would actually like to see the return of memory stone now, so when you wake up with no memory you won't automatically assume you were rolled.

  9. There should probably be a change to the way you worded the forget change. As far as I know, phrases were never required. And now they are no longer an option.
    I would actually like to see the return of memory stone because of this. So when someone wakes up in the circle with no memory, people won't automatically assume the person was rolled.