Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NERO 9th Edition: Formal Changes

Today we're going to tackle the changes to the Formal rules.

Formal Casting - All formal magic casting is now done in a fishtail rep, which no longer requires casting the 9th level Circle of Power spell. These reps must contain runes, symbols or pictures to function correctly.

Obliterate - Cannot be contested to 1 hour (wording is strange, is this true?).

Greater Ward - Removed

Cloak and Bane - Clarified the various types of cloaks and banes.

Create Protective Circle of Power, Create Extended Circle of Power - Neither of these formals require that a Circle of Power be cast first. In addition, the max size of the circle is based on the number of formal levels the caster possesses (2 foot radius per level, max of 40 foot radius).

Transform - Now is permanent and doesn't exist on the spirit as an effect. Still requires the previous transforms in order to cast the next level.

Spirit - A person's spirit now counts as an item for the sake of the magic item slots variant. Therefore, you can have 5 items or 4 items and spirit effects.

Anything I missed? Drop it in the comments!


  1. Regarding the fishtail rep. Am I correct in assuming that a simple rope is no longer sufficient? Can an extended Circle of Power be used to cast Formal in?

  2. Re: Obliterate

    I don't have the file at work (can't use firefox here and the link doesn't work with IE), but my memory is that we made it so that if you really wanted to, the target could forgoe waiting around for an hour. If someone can copy the text here I can probably explain it better.

    Re: fishtails

    A simple rope is insufficient. Extended Circles don't let you cast formals per se, but you can set up your fishtail inside of one if you wanted.

  3. The way I interpreted it, you can use a rope to frame the circle. You just need to supplement it with symbols and such.

  4. Adjusted the random delimit table to remove gender.

  5. I read Obliterate as you can never reduce the casting time to 5 minutes even if the target of the Obliterate agrees to make it so. It has to be one hour. You also can't reduce the casting time of any other rituals "harmful" to PCs from 1 hour unless it directly effects the spirit or personal possessions of a PC and that PC agrees to reduce the casting time (OOG decision).

  6. You kind of mentioned it...I think. But for cloak and bane, it looks like you can now cloak or bane gases. Now I am rethinking dumping 50-60 build into alchemy....

  7. I should amend that. You are now able to cloak gases with cloak curse and cloak vs spell name. Paralyze is probably the one that is affected the most by this.

  8. Arcane Armor is also now cast on an item, instead of spirit, and maxes out at 10 pts.

  9. We did not include that as it was part of the armor suite playtest.