Friday, December 17, 2010

Review Ring Mesh Chainmail

Today I am going to take a quick look at a product that I have owned for around 5 years. Ring mesh chainmail, whoever thought this stuff up was brilliant. It is essentially a butchers mesh shirt made from stainless steel welded rings. The resulting masterpiece weighs less than 3 pounds, looks like a mithril shirt and lasts for a very long time.

Style: These shirts are really cool looking. The chains are welded and the pattern is a machine weave so you will never see a handmade shirt that looks this good. There are no alternate patterns or colors and you cannot anodize stainless steel very easily but for plain jane chain mail this is definitely a 5/5

Functionality: The use of a chainmail shirt in larp is really just to get you armor points and look cool. These shirts do both. If you plan on wearing this shirt to a knife fight you should realize that although it will probably stop slashs, stabs are gonna kill you. Overall if you get the right size this shirt is a 5/5 for larp. Remember that chainmail does not stretch like a shirt, order a size up.

Durability: Zero tears after over 100 larp events. have not popped a single link. Perfect durability. I actually tried slashing at it with a cavalry sabre, no links popped. 5/5 on durability too.

Value: Now the sticky point the short sleeved shirt is 172 bucks, that is pretty pricey. Still look what you get, an almost permanent interchangeable costume piece that has mechanical benefits. For me it seemed like a value but since you can make your own chainmail for way less, I am going to give it a 3/5

So overall you get (5+5+5+3)/5 for a total score of 4.5 I highly reccomend their work but you may find yourself priced out.


  1. Um...why is that guy wearing chain with a business shirt?

  2. You don't have stabbing in your downtown work areas?

  3. Hey the product is awesome, but the customer service sucks. There's one kid that answers the phone, he's the son of the father, which is the real owner. He wants to add his ringmesh to Zippo lighters, I think he needs to hire more customer service people!!!

  4. I would agree that their customer service SUCKS. I just purchased a shirt from them and they were completely horrible people to work with. I would never buy from them again.

  5. Their customer service is the worst. They do a terrible job packing and shipping, and when their items are damaged in shipping, they blame YOU for it. They'll even go so far as to call you a fraud when you send them pictures of the box that arrived damaged.