Friday, December 3, 2010

LARP Gift Ideas

I was going to post a more detailed description on how to form a stance, but Warlord Sports is currently down. So I'm going to talk about the next best thing...


Buying presents for a LARPer usually depends on how crafty they are. Players who sew their own garb and build their own weapons are certainly less expensive to buy for, but they might not appreciate completed goods as much as someone who doesn't make their own gear and garb.

So here's a list of gift ideas for the LARPers in your life.

1. Waterproof Boots
There's nothing better than fighting for hours in the cold and snow and coming in to find that your feet are still dry. It's amazing. You can generally find good quality boots for around $80-$120, but there's also a fair amount of boots you can find in the $30-$50 range. The less expensive boots can't wick the sweat away from their feet, but believe me, it's much better than being drenched in ice cold water.

2. Foam
This one goes out to the craftier types. There are many different kinds of foam out there, and some of them can be pretty expensive or hard to find. Camp foam is always nice, but you can also buy plank foam (#2) or non-standard wall thickness pipe which are hard to find and usually have to be ordered. But do it soon, because those places usually have high shipping costs to start, let alone the cost of expedited shipping.

3. LARP Movies
There are a ton of LARP-ish movies out there to choose from. Either you can try and find a copy of an actual LARP movie (Darkon, Monster Camp, The Wild Hunt) or one of many LARP Pump-up Movies. Watching a movie is a nice thing to do when there's too much snow outside to do anything else.

What other gift ideas can you think of?


  1. This idea is a goldmine!! I would say that accessories are a huge part of my gift-giving. Chances are your loved one/friend always has another character they'd just love that one extra piece of gear for... And it's really the accessories that make a costume look snazzy :) So something like a boffer frog and/or belt, gloves, pouches/bags, hats, cloaks, jewelry are all less expensive than the major components of a costume, but add that certain extra oomph. Not to mention stuff like boffer frogs are practical too!

    Also, don't laugh, but waterproof socks. Paired with waterproof boots, it's a whole new world :)

  2. And not to sound like a cheap bastard, but many of those accessories can be second-hand, especially if you don't have a lot to spend.

    An accessory you used on a retired/permanently dead character could make an excellent gift.

  3. I received a spacket bag (a bag that goes over my shoulder which can fit about 30 or 40 spell packets, and has a button closure so I don't lose them while running) as a present a year or two ago, and it's still one of the mainstays of my character.

    And don't forget leather gloves! We all need gloves when LARPing in the snow, but regular snow gloves don't look very in-period, and they may not be that good for gripping weapons. Leather gloves and black gloves that grip well are good ideas.