Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Costume Exchange

Sorry about not having a post yesterday. Between being in the middle of god forsaken nowhere and the release of Warcraft: Cataclysm, I didn't get a post up.

Anyways, this one has been brewing in my mind for a while now. I've seen the costume room that WAR has, and I must say, it was spectacular. They've collected a lot of great specialty costumes to represent unique NPCs or monsters over the years. Pretty intense.

However, almost no one ever sees that costuming. If a sweet looking robe was worn by a naturalist 5 years ago, they might be hesitant to bring it back into game. Maybe no one is there to do the daunting task of upkeep to make those costumes ready for actions (washing, ironing, folding, etc.) Maybe there just isn't room to transport everything to the site.

It really is a shame that we don't see more of it. But I've figured out a way to at least eliminate the issue with unique costuming.

Create a Costume Exchange.

How awesome would it be to put a costume up on a site for trade after it's been used at your game? And in return, you get a costume of someone else's, ready for action, for free.

Kill the big bad? Send the costume out east for them to use as a completely different monster. Major noble die? Make a trade with someone out west for a costume for your new, dastardly noble.

Now, I know there are going to be some issues with costume quality, but what do you all think? Do you think it's better to trade costumes after their used, rather than having them collect dust for years?


  1. I suggested that with costumes and props two years ago. It's a great idea but it requires a level cooperation and coordination that, at least at that time, was lacking. It would be great if you can make it work and if the cooperation is there now.

  2. I think it's a spectacular idea, although I feel as though someone would need to set up a dedicated website/message board where swaps could be initiated and discussed at a national level. In addition, a website would give people who make costuming a forum where they could get in touch with people who need costuming/props and vice-versa.

  3. I really like this idea... even if it is only implemented on a small scale, it could be quite handy.

    We might even be able to do this between the chapter and players who are looking to change up their costume.