Friday, December 10, 2010

Keyword Fun

I get to see the keywords people use to get to the site. It's part of Google's plan to rule the word and have all the information. That, or it let's me know if I'm getting to the site with keywords I want them to use.

Sometimes, the keyword searches are very specific and... odd. I thought I'd take the time to address some of the specific searches that people made.

yo dawg I heard you like blades
Really? I heard that about you. In fact, here's a picture of bladezz holding some blades, so you can look at blades while you're looking at bladezz.

magic weapons larp rule 7
LARP Rule #7: Thou shalt not make a magic weapon that looks like the buster sword from FF7.

can you make larp weapons out of wood and a pool noodle
You can make anything you want. But I wouldn't suggest that.

the economy stupid game
The economy is only a stupid game when you're losing.

how thick should the foam be on a full contact larp sword
If you're going for full on contact, you'll want at least 1" of foam on all striking sides, and you won't want any part of the striking surface to pass more than 1/2" through a 2.5" ring (to prevent eye damage).

crisis core larp weapons
See LARP Rule #7

riddles using attain
How does one attain greatness? Answer: Vanquish thine enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women.

movie with 3 larpers
Transformers 2

larp stupid
Is that when you can't tell the difference between a lightning bolt and a slow spell?

http://www.penny-arcade blamination
I think you need to learn how to use search

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  1. Riddle: Is it better to attain or a train? Or perhaps you should strain your gain on your main... But overall, don't forget to explain the stain, else you'll be insane.

    Answer: It's the economy, stupid game.