Thursday, September 2, 2010

YouTube Thursday: NERO Chicago at GenCon

Today's video comes to us from one of our readers, Brad Gardner, from NERO Chicago. NERO Chicago ran a dungeon at GenCon as a way to expose non-LARPers to NERO, and I think they did a pretty decent job. When I asked Brad about it, here's what he told me.

"At Gencon 2010, NERO Chicago hosted three different NERO adventures for new players. Players were given a choice between three different 20 point builds: fighter, earth scholar, or celestial scholar. Players were provided spell packets, armor, and an assortment of latext weapons. Below is a five minute snippet of the one of the adventures. Once people discovered the event, it was quite popular. Many people replayed these modules several time throughout the convention. The modules did not feature traps but did follow all other NERO rules. In the video you may see players holding a small booklet. The booklet contained a brief summary of the rules and a one page description of each charater, including spell incants for the scholars."

Thanks Brad!

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  1. I must say, that is terrible. But RP, bad costuming, bad implementation. They got nice walls though.

  2. @Anonymous
    If you're going to rag on them, you should at least post your name and where you're from. Without it, how can I gauge your ability to critique this module?

    Implementation is quite good, particularly when you take in the difficulties associated with running at conventions. I assume you're saying the RP is bad, but the NPCs are basic orcs/ogres and the PCs are players that are unfamiliar with NERO or even LARPing, and it's definitely above par for most con LARPs. Also, providing all that costuming for the players is pretty spectacular. Granted, it's no Terrorwerks, but it's great for something run by volunteers.

    If you've got better reasons for saying what you did, feel free to write them. But until you do, I'll just assume that your LARP expertise is on par with your ability to write complete sentences.