Thursday, September 16, 2010

YouTube Thursday: MagiQuest

Today's video is a trailer for MagiQuest - a children's LARP that uses infrared wands and motion sensors. It's currently only available in limited locations, but one of them happens to be in Mason, OH.

I'm pretty pumped about this. First, it gets kids interested in LARP, which is always a good thing. Next, the technology they're using could be integrated into other LARPs, and could add some sick effects to the game.

Imagine, if you had to start casting a ritual, and didn't know how long it would take. Now, you would need a marshal around to take you OOG when you complete it, and to count the duration. But with this technology, you could waive you wand at it for a few minutes, and then the effect goes off automatically.

Seriously, I need someone in the Cincinnati area to check this out. Find out how much it is, give it a shot, and give us a review. We'll even let you guest post it.

Great Wolf Lodge
2501 Great Wolf Drive
Mason, OH 45040

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