Friday, March 9, 2012

YouTube Friday: Larping Around

Once again, I'm bringing a gem that I got from the UK Grand Expedition. Here's a video from the UK that does a great job of explaining what a LARP is.

I really want to play some Eurolarp.



  1. I'd love to play some EuroLarp, but I don't think I could move to the UK, I'd be broke inside of six months from over larping.


  2. There seems to be a shift in prespective when viewing USA larping and euro larping. Now this is comming from a laymans point of view, since I've never had the good fortune, or the opertunity to larp. From my research on the hobbby of larping, I've noticed a high number of burn out or turn over in the USA Larps. Where as Euro Larps seems to have a stable core group of players year after year. Now this is pure spectlation, could this come down to fincial strain on people who run such games who have regional or national connections. I really appoligize my any spelling or punctionation errors, wrote this on my phone and editing my comments on this platform is boardeine impossible.