Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In-Period Tenting

It's tough to find an inexpensive camp these days. This is particularly true if you're looking for camps that have lots of cabins. But one of the ways to mitigate this is to convince your players to get some tents!

Let's not kid ourselves. In-period tents are expensive. While you can make your own, a lot of people don't want to do it. But tents that hold more than 2 people will often cost you easily over $400.


I would encourage games to give discounts to players that bring their own tents, and possibly require that the tents be in-period. While game owners won't make money off those players having tents to begin with, once players reach a critical mass of tenting, you can move to a camp with only 1 or 2 buildings and lots of open space. That could mean a lower cost and room for more players.

And then you'll have Conquest of Mythodia!

For anyone interested in tenting, I highly suggest you do some searching, specifically in resources from the SCA.

If you know of a resource for tents, drop it in the comments!


  1. Here's one that Ben found. It's a Sutler shop for Civil War Re-enactors. But the tents look great!


    one of THE BEST! tent shops! I have slept in these tents for several years now during reinactments and whatnot and I can certainly atest to their awesomeness

  3. Panther Primitives looks awesome!

    1. it is some amazing stuff and the tents are freakin' sweet! the one I usually use is about the size of a standard living room. it sleeps 4+ people and still has room to walk around.

      meant to sign my name on the above post.

      Josh Huntsman

  4. @Josh

    How big is it when it's broken down?

  5. if folds rather well being canvas and the end result is small enough to fit under a bed I would say roughly 4ft by 4 ft and about 1ft thick after being folded.

    you will have to cut/buy your own poles for it and this is where the storage issues come into play...the poles for the tent I use are rather 9ft or so.


  6. I know that one of our players was considering making them depending on the cost that player wanted spend.


      is his site if you are interested.

      He had one of his tents set up at the Nero Cincinnati Beronis game this weekend.

  7. Tent Smiths are another option out of Conway, New Hampshire.
    Some great looking stuff there.

  8. ConQuest groups often have really kickass tents. I think the custom is that if you're on a big LARP team, you pay some $ for the event, and you also kick in some $ towards your team resources.

    Teams have to save up for those big tents. But it's soooo worth it.

    Teams are very different over there. Some of the bigger teams are as large as many of the LARPs we play (there are teams with 100+ people on them!). Many teams also have group meals, props to dress up their camp, water available 24/7, and other communal resources. LARPing in Europe also sometimes means renting a bus for your 30 teammates and driving from Belgium to Germany. Teams might have annual dues, or a pool that everybody throws $ into when they can. Bigger teams need a treasurer to manage that sort of stuff.