Friday, July 29, 2011

PSA: What's in a Name

As a light post for Friday, I thought I'd give everyone a public service announcement about names for characters.

I don know how many human's I've come across that have had names with more than 3 syllables. And they're never common names. As such, I tend to forget those names. I've started to name my characters very basic names, like Arthur, Edgar, Gregory, or Mr. Green.

So if you want me to remember your name, make it 1-2 syllables and make it intuitive.

Now, I understand that some races have crazy naming schemes (I'm looking at you, Elves). If you have to have a crazy name, then at least come up with a way to shorten it into a nickname. That way, not only will people remember the name they call you, but then fae won't get a hold of your true name.

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