Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organize Your Gear!

I figured I'd post about storage and organization, seeing as we just organized all our gear in our basement. This isn't so much a how-to post as it is a "How do you do it?" post.

None of these tubs include weapons. We keep these all separate.

Jenn's Plot Tub (NERO)
Jenn's got a lot more years on plot than I do, and with it comes a ridiculous amount of totally awesome goodness - Puzzles, masks, intense props, furs, and other goodies.

My Exiles Plot Tub
I've only been running plot for a year for Exiles, which uses a different prop set than other games. As such, it's a smaller tub filled with fake bugs, snakes, steampunk gear, and some random costuming.

My Exiles PC Tub
My PC at Exiles uses a lot of stuff to set up a doctorin' table. Tablecloth, candles, glass jars filled with various herb-like items, and more glassware. On top of that, I've got my costuming and my various doctor bags. All that is enough to fill up that tub.

Between the two of us, we can get our PC gear into one, larger tub. Both of our costumes and props are relatively light (except stuff for my table which is stored in the Exiles PC box). Still, it's an important tub.

General Costume/Prop Tub
Everything that doesn't fall in the other tubs goes here. Whether it's stuff from previous characters, old plot stuff, or various things that have made it into our LARP collection from various pieces of junk found at flea markets and garage sales. We also have stuff for secondary PCs in here. Fills up a big ol' tub.

So that's how we store our stuff. How do you do it? Do you separate costuming/clothes from props? Do you store all your PC stuff together? Do you have a plot tub (if you run plot)?

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  1. I have a plot tool box, writers box and big bin for all the plots. Other items are in the battle trailer lol.