Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prop Trick Thanks to the Bed Intruder

Well! Obviously, we have a prop trick for you.

Recently, we stumbled upon some great alligator/dinosaur hats at the local dollar store. However, people look kind of dopey wearing them on their head, which means they'll never be used on more than a comic relief module, which would be a damn shame.

What if there was something we added something to give it a more menacing feel for very little cost? You know, something where the players couldn't see your face.

Criminals have been using cheap stockings over their head for a while now to try and hide their identity. It has the benefit of covering the face while allowing for vision. They come in all kinds of colors to match your costumes.

This can help enhance almost any monstrous creature where the facial features are not on the NPC's actual face. So go get some 'hose!


  1. We use those hats with black out masks which are like 3 bucks. works great

  2. Great to hear they work. The only thing that scares me about those is that they might get super sweaty and gross. Can those be washed?

  3. Schmoyoho <3

    Oh wait, was I supposed to be commenting about LARPing? I was distracted by sweet, sweet autotune.

  4. I approve of comments regarding auto-tune.

    It's so awesome, I'm trying to find a way to use it in real time when I play a robot in Exiles. That's why I can't wait until the "I am T-Pain" Microphone comes out.

  5. Yes we wipe all of our hats and masks with alcohol after every use