Thursday, June 30, 2011

Origins recap: Tim's Perspective

I agree with most of what Bill said, I am just going to add a few things from my personal thoughts.

1. Rising Versus was friggin fun. I have to admit that their scenarios never quite got to me, not enough epic for my tastes but their rules held up really well in a battlegame type format. I immediately started thinking about how I could turn some of the ideas into a NERO module, as did another plot person who I run with.

2. Terrorwerks- The production value was really high, I could do without the hand holding. They basically send a couple of NPC marines through with you telling you where to go, I would rather have those marines be more people that I get to shoot. Overall I still had fun with it, but I wish that the challenge could be cranked up. I guess I felt about the same as Bill but I wanted to voice it again.

3. The vendor hall- I did not notice any real issues with it, it seemed suitably awesome. My wife and i got about 6 new games to play and I bought a copy of Magic Realms quite possibly the most complicated board game ever made, which I am super stoked about. The new latex swords that are coming out of all the vendors are really nice, really really nice. Softer foam with more durable latex covers, yes please. I almost walked out with a new sword but decided to wait until closer to the time that I get to PC again, read who knows when.

4. Morton's list- those people are friggin weird. Some dude was crouched down by the side of the exit to the escalators, I almost stomped on his face.

5. I wish someone would run a full on boffer type larp scenario that wasn't geared towards new players, it seems like there should be enough people there who play the foam fighting games to justify some sort of advanced dungeon crawl experience. Maybe with some sweet sweet Accelerant rules set. Perhaps I will see about doing that next year, how awesome would that be?

6. I hope to see you all at next weeks Lumberton event, it is going to be a true season finale with all that statement entails :-)

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  1. For the last time, you bought MAGIC REALM.

    Not Magic Realms. It's not plural.