Friday, June 10, 2011

Anniversary! Prizes! No Tuberculosis!

Today, we're celebrating the Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary for the LARP Ohio blog. Sunday will be 1 year for the blog, making it official that this blog lasted at least 10 months longer than expected.

We've had our ups and our downs. Discussions a plenty. Maybe an argument here or there.

Tim asked me "Now that you've done a year of LARP blogging, what do you plan on doing next?" To which I responded, "I'm going to Disney World." But seriously. I am. And I leave on Sunday.


So, here's some statistics for the blog.

Posts: 254
Posts/Week: 4.875 (pretty close to the goal of 5 per week)
Views: 35,000+ (since Google started tracking it in July)
Comments: 1025+
Quantity of Rock: Too much rock for one hand.

But seriously, none of this could be possible without the support of the local players and especially the local games.

The local games,
The ones who are going to give you stuff,
For free,
Free stuff,
Free stuff for you,
Get it?

We're giving 12 prizes away, courtesy of the local games. 12 prizes! Total value is worth more than $350! Interested? Better read on!

Unfortunately for our remote readers, all of these prizes come in the form of free games in this area, so there's not much to be won if you don't plan on traveling to Ohio. However, we do plan on doing more physical giveaways in the future.

Prize List (Alphabetical order by game):

One (1) voucher for a free game ($40 value)

NERO Cincinnati:
One (1) voucher for a free weekend ($50 value)
Two (2) vouchers for a free game day ($25 value)

Northcoast NERO:
One (1) voucher for a free weekend ($45 value, Non-Transferable)
Two (2) vouchers for a free game day ($25 value, Non-Transferable)

One (1) Free event for a first time player ($40 value)
One (1) Coupon for 10 free rads (Non-Transferable)

One (1) voucher for a free weekend ($50 value)
Two (2) vouchers for a free game day ($25 value)


It's a very complicated process.

1.) Open your email program/website of choice.
2.) Compose a new email, with as the recipient.
3.) In the subject, type anything you want, as long as it has the word "Prize" or "Prizes" in it.
4.) Include your name and what games you play in the body of the email*. After that, you can type whatever the hell you want.
5.) Click the send button.
6.) Get so pumped up that you almost kick yourself in the face. If you do happen to kick yourself in the face, we won't hold that against you.

All entries received by 12:01 AM on Sunday, June 19th will be included in a random drawing. The order in which names are drawn determines the order in which prizes are selected. Please note that some prizes are not transferable, so if it gets towards the end and there's only prizes for things you don't play, you have two choices.

1) Pass and let someone excited about the prize have it.
2) Give that game a shot!

Exemptions: Owners are not permitted to win prizes for their own game. Additionally, owners of NERO chapters are not permitted to take prizes for other NERO games. No one associated with the blog (Myself, Tim) or anyone directly related to anyone associated with the blog are eligible for prizes. You must have a valid email address to participate and collect your prize.

So... yeah. Have at it! And while you're waiting for a week to see if you've won a prize, indulge us on the blog and let us know what your favorite LARP Ohio was from the past year.

*Listing what games you play will not limit what prizes you can win. I'm just interested in seeing what games people play.


  1. Wow, a whole year! Congrats!

    I'm going to say my favorite posts are the ones that offer tips. Like the one you posted related to props and Cthulu and such. That was a good one :)

    Also, when people posted what movies/songs got them pumped up. Pride and Prejudice. Pure lol.

  2. Congratulations on the first anniversary!

    My favorite posts have been about improving how events get run, as well as new & creative ways to write & execute plot.

  3. Mark Henry ~MariusJune 10, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    Agree with cedarlock 100%!

  4. I will point out that the picture that you have there technically represents "Too much rock for one damn man". Unless that man is Forearm.