Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jugger Ohio Open Tournament

We've done a few posts about Jugger in the past, and even had suggested putting together a team. All that fell through, but that doesn't mean that you can't live out your dreams of a professional Jugger player.

Jugger Ohio, a group that's been operating out of Marietta, OH, is hosting an open tournament on August 13th. Registration requires $25 for a team of 5-8 players. I'm not sure what is being offered as prizes, other than being the most bad ass juggers around.

There are no events I can find that operate on that weekend, so there's no excuses. If you think you and your buddies are tougher than everyone else, then be there.

I may go there to film more than play. But it falls on the same day as MC Frontalot in Pittsburgh, so I'm on the fence.

Convince me!

And for more information on Jugger Ohio, hit up their facebook page here.


  1. Any of the blog followers that make it to Marietta that weekend, let me know. I live just across the river & not only do I have crash space, I know where the good local food (& beer) is to be found.

    See you there!

  2. WessTheDestroyerJuly 26, 2011 at 2:01 PM

    As the founder of Jugger Ohio and organizer of The Dogskull Classic (the official name of the tournament) I first off want to thank LARP Ohio for posting about this... Appreciated.

    * The tournament is open to Juggers over 18.
    * 5-8 people per team
    * We will have extra equipment (weapons) at our league specifications for use
    * There are two teams traveling from OK to compete as well as our local Ohio Juggers
    * Our current and up to date rules set is posted on the aforementioned FB page
    * The prize is the glory of course, a badass trophy made of bone and wood and (thanks to the tournament sponsors, The Marietta Brewing Company) 2 pitchers of craft beer for the winnging team and a free drink tab for all of legal drinking age Juggers who participate

    Team registry will close very soon so if any are interested please either send a message to our facebook page or you can email me at

    Thanks! Hope to see you there!