Friday, April 8, 2011

YouTube Friday: World of LARP

So what could be better than a video about LARP?

Why, a mini-series about LARP, of course!

Seven Kingdoms IGE is either putting together or working with a film crew to put together a mini-series called World of LARP, which I assume will be following some of their players around documentary style. As always, this can be either good or bad for the game, depending on who they follow and how they portray it.

Also, I think that guy was being a drama queen about that nut shot.



  1. Mark Henry ~MariusApril 8, 2011 at 10:35 AM

    One of the better videos I have seen.

    Things they did well:
    -Good costumed characters
    -Some relatively normal people (not ultra nerdy)

    Things they did poor:
    -Why even plant the seed some people see it as satanic
    -Clubbing children? Really?

    What I would like to see in a video:
    -Follow a small group (different classes/races) around on a few adventurers. Heroes or Villains
    -Show what a newbie looks like with acceptable first time costuming. You don't want people to think you need to drop $200+ to try it.

  2. As the Guy who took the nutshot, no, the bruises spoke for themselves :-) but seriously, hope you can look past that, the show was fun to shoot, Victor and Jason made it as visual as possible, and simplified the system so that a normal viewing audience could enjoy it, and even if I become a laughing stock, the show should do good things for the hobby. Pictures of the shattered codpieces are available on request :-)