Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LARP Tool Kit

I have often found myself wanting or needing various tools when I'm at a LARP event, and most of the time I can't find them to save my life. I have decided to take destiny into my own hands and make myself a LARP tool kit. I figure I play enough of these things that it makes sense for me to throw one more small bag in the car if it means I can head off grief at the event.

But what would I put in it? Here's my list.
  • Common assortment of hand tools (knife, screwdrivers, plyers, wrench, and a small hammer)
  • Duct Tape
  • Zip Ties
  • Trash bags
  • Baby wipes
  • Sewing repair kit
  • Very basic First Aid supplies (Bandaids, Neosporin, Ace Bandage, Asprin/Ibuprofin)

What would you include in your LARPing toolkit?


  1. Add a spool of rope to the list (I prefer lightweight clothesline).

  2. Just to be clear, this is an OOP toolkit.

  3. I've kept a larp toolkit for ages now. I generally have most of those things you listed, but also keep a spool of rawhide, a bottle of hand sanitizer and a flashlight, too.

  4. I knew I forgot something when I posted this. Flashlight would definitely be required. But I like the hand Sanitizer and rawhide spool as well.

  5. Ziploc bags, to put your smelly socks and undees in. If everyone brings these, the cabins don't smell like a locker room quite so badly.

  6. pipe cleaners
    large-back pushpins
    Kite tape (depends on what people make weapons out of)
    bug spray

  7. oooh.. yeah, bug spray is a good one. Sunblock, too.

  8. I'm going to stand by that suggestion for rope. Countless times I've needed some length of it for purposes mundane & bizarre, oop or other.

  9. Mark Henry ~MariusApril 28, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    small mirror for makeup,
    small piece of open cell foam for weapon, shield, armor adjustments

  10. Mickey, I'll see your pushpins and raise you a staplegun.

  11. @Murphy
    It's cool bro. I just realized I didn't really specify In-game or out-of-play. You can have your rope. I can see some uses for it, particularly in our neck of the wood with adirondacks and some particularly muddy camps.