Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Keyword Fun 3

With all the traffic, it's becoming harder and harder for me to pinpoint interesting searches. Google only shows me the top 10 searches for any given day, and higher traffic means more bland searches like "larp ohio" or "ohio larp blog".

But there are still a few gems to be found.

"bruce campbell" larp
I would play that LARP. I don't care if it's Army of Darkness or Burn Notice.

highest larp level
No one knows for sure, but I bet it's over 9000.

larping app
I found a soundboard on my phone, but my guess is that it wasn't made by a LARPer at all. It claims that you will enjoy this if words like "crit attack, roll, dodge, or oop" are in your every day vocabulary, you'll enjoy this app. Sounds like a miss.

how to build larping golem fists 4
Take the first three steps... and repeat!

is there larping on shake it up
I think "Shake it Up" is some kind of Disney kids show. So my guess is no.

inflation games youtube
Inflation games? I did a search for it on google and got some weird results, so my guess is no.

And there you have it! A whole lot of weird.


  1. Shake it up had a LARP scene. I promise I found out about it through my google alerts, not through my insane addiction to the Disney Channel.

    For YEARS, I've been saying that a big festival-style LARP (you know, one with an actual budget) should grab a celebrity like Bruce Campbell to play an NPC. To me, that would be worth significant travel. And it would make for such good press!

  2. I would absolutely do my best to make it out to a LARP if I got a chance to meet Bruce Campbell.

  3. ... or Felicia Day. Or Wil Wheaton. Or anyone from The Guild web series, in their characters costume.