Friday, January 7, 2011

Adventures in Cross Gaming: Exiles and Wastelands

So you've been wanting to try out that LARP game you've never played, but haven't had the chance to. Maybe you didn't have enough money to do it or it was too far away. Maybe you were afraid that you wouldn't like it.

Well, you'll have your chance, when Exiles and Wastelands will be running a joint game near Columbus, March 4-6th. Half of the weekend will be Exiles and the other half will be Wastelands. Get a taste for both games!

Now what could be even better than that? Oh, I know. The fact that you will get full 2 day Learnin' for Exiles, AND 2 day NPC credit for Wastelands. Amazing!

If you've been on the fence about either game, this is your chance to give it a shot. Even if you only like one of the two enough to continue playing it, you'll get full experience for your money, so the time playing the other one won't be wasted.

I hope to see more Joint games in the future. Exposure to multiple games this way is great for the hobby.


  1. I am totally biased, but I was excited to put this event together because I don't get out to other larps often enough. I want to catch up with old friends and try new games, but between running a game and getting old and busy, it's hard to get the time and energy to make it out as much as I'd like. This is a great excuse for me to try something new. I hope other people come take advantage of it! Worst case, if I don't like the other game for some reason, I figure it's just 1/2 a weekend :) And people can come play just one of the games if they'd like, though of course they miss out on the experience of a new setting! I'd like to see more of these "samplers" too so I can make myself get out there!

  2. hey buddy, when is this Larp session so i can be involved in the extraordanary battle? and where will it be? i am ready for combat and i will have friends with me. i figured id try this instead of playing WOW all day. although that game is fun, i want to try this extravagent adventure and serve it well >:).Quantum Star Trek out!