Monday, November 22, 2010

The Week In LARP - November 22nd

Last Week In LARP

Did you attend a LARP event last weekend? Let us know how it was in the comments!

This Week In LARP

You're not afraid of a little cold, are you?


ARGO will be hosting a 2-day event this weekend starting Friday, Novemeber 26th and ending Sunday, November 28th. The game will be held at Camp Bucoco, while the IG location is still undetermined. It's $40 to PC and free to NPC with a $10 door fee and $10 clean up deposit.

If you've got a game running this week and we didn't mention you, either drop a comment here or shoot an email to, and we'll add you as soon as possible!

1 comment:

  1. Nero - WAR - Ashton
    8/10 - PC

    The plot lines were very detailed and well worked. It seemed like several groups had their plot running for them. There were some interesting mechanics and non standard effects that added to the fights i.e catapults. Encounters were hard but appropriately scaled, there were a few deaths. Pacing at times was a little slow, but I don't think they could have helped it with their limited NPC supply. The NPCs busted their butts and roleplayed very well. It was an enjoyable event.