Friday, November 5, 2010

A dungeon crawl event

I have been considering for some time how awesome it would be to rent a warehouse and run a full on dungeon crawl event. For a long time I have thought that I wanted to run it as a NERO event but with a limited invitation list. I have changed my mind. I think that I am going to run it as an Accelerant game, with a limited invitation list and the opprotunity to convert your character from any other game into the Accelerant system to try it out. I have already started speaking with some people that I know about the warehouse rental. I have begun the design of the specific Accelerant skills that I will use for the game that I want to run. I am just going to give you a brief outline of what this event might look like and you can tell me if it sounds like fun.

The warehouse is pretty big, like 40,000 square feet big. I have been inside and it is about the size of a large super market with some side offices and storage rooms. my current thought process is to rent it from Thursday to Sunday and take Friday off, go out thursday night and just build a giant dungeon. Rooms, encounters, special effects the whole nine yards. One of the larger storage rooms would be converted into a tavern and the offices on one side could be used as sleeping areas. The offices on the other side would be where plot operated from and the whole game would be based around groups getting together and going out to explore the dungeon. I would love to play this event so I imagine others would too. What do you guys think?


  1. Random thoughts

    *) It would be very cool.
    *) It will be very expensive. Not just the rental but all the materials needed to make the walls of the dungeon and fill up the dungeon. If this is a limited invitation event, I cannot imagine how you're going to break even on the costs.
    *) Research True Dungeon ( They set up a dungeon in a hotel ballroom for Gencon. You might get some ideas from them on the logistics of it all. They also ran their dungeon from a warehouse one time in 2009. NERO Chicago also has run a dungeon from a hotel ballroom as well.
    *) If you're running a tavern, is there any particular licensing involved for the food service?
    *) Your plan of setting up this dungeon in evening (Thursday evening) seems far fetched.
    *) You'll probably need multiple versions of your props in case one breaks. Or else be prepared to adjust if a prop breaks.
    *) If it were me I'd think about doing a small scale one first just to make sure I understood the logistics involved. Maybe create a small one in your back yard, if you have one. That way you have some confidence you know how to set it all up. You can also take pictures/video and use it to recruit NPCs and staff. See this small scale dungeon guys? Now imagine working in large scale, 40,000 sq ft dungeon!
    *) Speaking of permits you'll need to think about things such as fire exits. It would suck to have your dungeon shut down by a fire marshall.

  2. I will consider all of that stuff, thanks man!

  3. I'm not sure if you've talked to a Realtor but Wastelands recently did two events like this. They were only able to rent the warehouse for a month so they made an event in April and one in May at the very beginning and end of their lease. I know they also were not able to let people sleep over on their site due to the industrial zoning.
    That being said the two events did cover the site rental and from all accounts it was a pretty awesome time for all involved.

  4. Nope no realtor, personal connections. I knows a guy who knows a guy.

  5. Just remember to get in touch with Chimera Entertainment for use of the rules system.

  6. Still in the pre-planning phase but that will definitely happen