Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Support your LARP Community, and Post!

LARPs can be run as a business, but most are instead run as a club. We tend to depend on the players to take roles in playing NPCs, writing plot, doing logistics, and any other jobs associated with the game.

In order for the community to grow, it has to look good to outsiders. There are many public displays of the LARPing community, normally associated with forums or Facebook pages.

If you want to support your community, post on the forums!

The truth is, forum activity is a sign of the success of a LARP community. If all the posts are about the game, it's going to look less like a community. A lack of forum activity can often be a turn off to new players who are trying to find an active group. However, a highly active forum is inviting and makes it easier for people to join the club.

So if you enjoy a LARP game you're playing, go post on the forums with something. It could be a funny YouTube video. It could be a fact or a news article about something interesting. It could be Lolcats. Just go out and post!

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