Monday, February 6, 2012

Quick Save

Just to keep posting about the LARPing turn-arounds, I found out over the weekend that a couple of people are picking up Wastelands. So if you wanted to play an airsoft, post-apocalyptic/fantasy game - you still have your chance!


  1. We need more details.

  2. @Anonymous - I'm sorry not to have details for you, but I'm not officially associated with that game, someone just contacted us regarding scheduling for the year. I don't know if someone is still manning their email account (, but you could probably try using that! And I'm sure once they get things sorted out they will be posting up to let people know. If you aren't already checking, probably their website ( is the best place to look for answers. :)

  3. Turns out that two of the players took it over. Nate and John (Neb). No idea what the deal was, or when they will start posting stuff, but that's a start.

    Source: Nate Love