Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Plot Thickens: Deleted!

Many of you saw the National Post that Mickey created yesterday regarding the stuff that was published on the NERO Cincinnati Boards. But many of you did not.

Ken Gillis posted some stuff on the boards. It was the first time he's posted anything in weeks and I'm glad that the web admin is talking rules and not fixing one of the many blatant typos on the main page. But when I tried to respond to him, I found I got an error saying I couldn't post to that thread. I figured maybe someone locked it (like a proper moderator would).

But no, the post was gone. I went into full on "Night before Christmas" mode.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.
The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below,
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Joe can't be bothered to actually respond to any questions people have, but he certainly has time to rip stuff off the boards.

I feel bad for the "Anonymous" that posted before, because we were just trying to get some talk on the National Forums. But Joe would prefer these discussions to go on here.

So here's Mickey's post in full. I apologize to the people who had legitimate comments (bgardner) that weren't asked, but I'd be happy to answer them here, or you can take your questions to the NERO Cincinnati forums.

Finally, I apologize to the non-NERO readers for all this drama. I want to get this in a timely manner. Tomorrow's post will have a sick prop for your eyes to lust over.


Hello everyone, I have found some discussions I think would interest people. This is the place, according to one "anonymous" commenter at larpohio.blogspot.com, where these kinds of discussions should happen afterall.

Here is where you can still see the goblin point system policy proposal, thanks to the kind efforts of NERO Cincinnati. It was taken down from discussion on the naitonal forums for some reason, but luckily you can comment at Cincy or even in response to my post here.


And here, also thanks to Cincy, is a link to a policy document Joe Valenti has been nice enough to make public on the internet for people to discuss as well. Some interesting thoughts on goblin stamp redemption and the use of banks by local chapters.


And lastly, here is the larpohio blog post with the "anonymous" commenter followed by a link to my reply.



Hopefully this stuff will interest NERO players and jumpstart some much needed discussion and debate on these forums.



  1. I even tried to post some questions about the policy and those got taken down. I'll ask them here.

    *) Why are multiple purchases of formal components limited to PC formalists? It's the only case where the amount that can be purchased is tied to a PCs skills.

    *) If you're buying into the fact that expert formalists can buy multiple power components why can't master smiths buy multiple SR1 components?

    *) Can an NPC/Staff person redeem goblin points for benefits at an event or can only PCs do this? I like the idea of, if I am NPCing an event being able to buy production or components with my earned gobin points so that I can make some small gains in my PCs resources even though I am NPCing the event.

    *) Let's say I have two characters. If I am playing character A can I redeem goblin points for benefits for character B? Example Character A is a fighter can I redeem goblin points and get some components for character B which is a formalist?

    *) For production, I think item level needs to be clarified. For potions and scrolls I assume you're referring to the level of the spell that went into the potion/scroll. What is the item level of a 40 point suit of armor? Can enhancements be applied to goblin point productions item (silvering weapons, shatter resistant or enhanced armor)?

    *) Latex weapons are not listed on the chart. They're common enough that even if you planned for latex weapons to be covered by another category it's probably worth listing.

    *) Armor goblin redemtion points: When I read this I think whoever wrote this was assuming metal armor. What about pickle barrel armor or plastic armor? You provide guidance on mask quality maybe a comment on armor quality is warrented as well.

  2. Good questions!

    1) We originally included benefits for all crafting-related character skills. People with production could get an extra game day, people with formal could get formal scrolls with more charges. Those were mostly removed, and I think since then it changed to a flat 5 components per event.

    2) Honestly, strengthening components were totally off our radar, but can be included in the 5 components now.

    3&4) It was intended that NPCs could apply these benefits to any one of their characters, but only one. Players who PC can only get goods for that PC.

    5) Item level represents the levels required to make the item. Therefore, a 40 point suit costs 4 levels. You are not supposed to be able to get special crafting from goblin points.

    6) Excellent point! Totally spaced on latex.

    7) We really want to leave it open to the chapters to decide on what warrants what kind of reward. That's part of the reason why it's so open (I think it was 200 to 3000). The top end is intended for realistic materials (thick leather or real metal/chain) that are of high quality, and the low end is for inexpensive materials with more common quality without a lot of minute details.