Friday, January 6, 2012

YouTube Friday: T.A.S.C

Happy New Year!

One of the goals we have for this year is to design a simplified Airsoft LARP. There will be some form of advancement, but it's just a way to be in-character while airsofting. Should be totally fun.

So today's video is a short Airsoft game run in Germany. Love it.

BTW, we don't endorse playing without a full face mask when using any kind of gas/electric airsoft guns with > 300 fps.



  1. It just reinfoces that those Germans are crazy tough LARPers :)

  2. Want some crazy Ohio based airsoft videos check out my channel:
    All were taken with my helmetcam at Ohio and Kentucky events.

    If you need any help with the airsoft end of things when you are putting the new larp together let me know.

  3. I want to get Into airsoft and airsoft larping at the same time but I just got my first gun it's a game face m4 and the only other equipment I have is a ghillie suit and a mask any ways I could up my game alittle? Email me at mr.n_11@yahoo.cOm