Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spotlight: CollabNarration

I didn't have a proper chance to welcome Zoë into the fold when her blog originally came out. I was taking a little break *coughstarwarscough* at the time, but her blog seems to be moving right along.

And you know what's great? You can add to it, too!

Her blog, CollabNarration, gives LARPers a chance to submit stories to the site. I think it's a great idea. We tend to lack a central forum for LARPers from different games, and even when that happens, people don't like surprise walls of text.

So, now we have a place where people can put their stories (in-character or out-of-game) for others to enjoy. Much better than a common forum, because people know to expect a wall of text, and flaming is a little more difficult when someone can just delete your comments.

I know the best part of LARPing for me is the stories, and I know that I plan to submit some stuff to CollabNarration once I get a little more free time *coughstarwarscough*.

Seriously, though. Check it out, throw those people who have posted stories some support in the comments, and if you're brave enough, submit some content of your own!

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  1. THANK YOU! I appreciate this so much. Please Ohio/Midwest/NERO people-- I am up to my eyeballs in my Accelerant people. They're great! They're wonderful! They're brave, and reckless, and everything I love about LARP. (Especially Madrigal. Go listen to LARPcast. Mickey's obsession is very minor.) They have so much stuff I really do wonder if they think about anything else.

    But even though I love it, I need more than Madrigal. I need the crazy Westerns, horrors from Exiles, and the world of NERO that I just don't get. I need you to come yell at me for my gender stereotypes and essentialist characters (leave my commenters and contributors alone--well, no, jiggle them. Kindly.). More importantly, I need your stories, dreams, and ideas. And I need you to support and expand the LARP community that we know and love and sometimes hate.

    OFFA MY SOAPBOX. Bill you're great, thank you!